2010 Choice Online Awards

Choice Online Audience Award Follow Up!

Let me start by thanking each and every one of you who voted for Wizard101 in the Game Developer’s Conference Inaugural Awards. Your votes made a difference! Wizard101 was given special recognition by being announced “Close Runner Up” in the Community Choice Awards!!!

I have our amazing Dev Team, dedicated fansites and of course each and every player to thank for getting us where we are now. Having our Community and Customer Support team judged along side industry heavy hitters like Blizzard, Sony, CCP and ArenaNet is an honor in itself, and both humbling and awe-inspiring to us all.

And though we didn’t win the award, I feel this nomination itself is a win for Wizard101. Thank you for loving the game that we love to make.

~Kiersten Samwell
Community Manager
KingsIsle Entertainment

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Posted 7 October 2010 by KSamwell in category "Conferences