Am I a Gaming Snob?

I recently spent far too much time browsing Steam for something new to play, and came away empty handed.

When true online gaming was in its infancy, the games were very story rich, deeply constructed and (at the time) beautiful.

For a while we trended towards better graphics at the cost of depth and content. There was some concerted effort to bring quality and depth to games again, but it was feared it would come at the cost of those lovely graphics we’d come to enjoy so much.

I’ve long chanted that “it’s easy to make a pretty game, it’s not easy to make a fun game” — so what the heck happened? Now we have games that are as shallow as a frat boy, and look like rejects from the 1980s. How are some of these graphics even acceptable? Where’s my gameplay so intense I need a notebook? How can I possibly get emotionally attached to a character that’s 10 pixels high and why did I spend 40 minutes creating the look of that character only to have it mushed down into a blocky representation, or worse, an avatar I never see during gameplay?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few shining stars, namely Dishonored and The Last of Us, but shouldn’t the quality of those games be the norm and not the exception? So are my gaming standards too high, am I really a gaming snob, or are games in general just really poor quality these days?


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Six Stages of Debugging

You know you’ve had this exact dialog.

The Six Stages of Debugging

  1. That can’t happen.
  2. That doesn’t happen on my machine.
  3. That shouldn’t happen.
  4. Why is that happening?
  5. Oh, I see.
  6. How did that ever work?

It’s even possible that, like me, you encountered this more than once already today.



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Monetization Trap

Focusing on monetization will not make your game better. Focusing on making your game better will bring you the monetization you seek.

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