Notebook Promise

There’s a certain feeling I get when I start a new notebook. I skip that first page, (too much pressure) and dive right in to the next one.

I’ll start off right – date in the corner, staying within the lines, a pen dedicated to that particular book.

Within a week I’ll be skipping the dates, writing in the margins and adhering sticky notes over hand written hieroglyphics.

Within a month that pristine notebook will be a well travelled suitcase of post-its, dogged ears and illegible notes – bound by an elastic band barely holding it all together. Long gone is the dedicated pen that once scribbled and doodled on these pages.

But today, it is a blank book – empty and full of such promise.

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First Impression Fail

I recently reached out to a company to get a demo and quote for what they could bring to the table with regards to our social media efforts. I just received an email from them, and “social” was misspelled in the email subject.

Straight to trash.

If you cannot be bothered to finely hone and craft your very first message to me, that ever important ‘first impression’ then why on earth would I think that you would pay attention to the details when it came to actually executing a campaign?

You have just shown me that you are not thorough or careful when it comes to the details. Oh and one more thing, I requested the information, sending the info to my boss was inappropriate. You are so out of the running….

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