Community Challenge – Inalienable Rights

So you put out a release, and in the release notes is something that is a bug fix. Something that was never supposed to work the way it did, but because it took so long to fix, it’s somehow ingrained in your game. It’s suddenly an inalienable right that players be allowed to continue to reap the benefits of what is essentially an exploit just because you didn’t rip it out fast enough. Now they’re used to it, they rely on it to some extent and no matter what your rationale, you’re wrong.

Well guess what, you’re stuck. The handful of players who looked at it from a non-selfish point of view, and said, “yeah yanno what, removing it makes sense” are drowned out by the “how dare you take away our unfair advantage”.  And so you have a choice. Go with the unpopular vote for the greater good, and tick off the vocal minority, or acquiesce so that you send the message that next time there’s something they don’t like, if they yell enough you’ll change it. Rock | Dev | HardPlace

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Posted 9 August 2012 by KSamwell in category "Community