Community Challenge – Fansite Degredation

It’s not me, it’s you.

When do you cut ties with some of your lesser performing fansites? When their traffic lessens? When their content wanes?

Sure these people update their sites regularly as required, but their content has trickled to a mere echo of your own community and game news. It is very clear when passion in a fansite owner dies, and it’s okay, things happen, circle of life and all that, but it’s really hard to let go. I’ve been through so much with my fansite owners and we’re a tight knit group of players, but as a game ages, dynamics and interests shift. New sites come along but they never seem to measure up to the sites you have now. Regurgitated content and cursory communications make it tough for me to be excited about your site – and I’m going to have to let some of you go.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to George Costanza you, in these cases, it’s you, not me. I’ve given you every opportunity to participate in this community and you’re slumped in a seat that others are clamoring for.


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Posted 3 April 2013 by KSamwell in category "Community", "Gaming